TO’AI Asian Federation view and ideals:
Each of us that work out in every situation in TO’AIAsia federation, has got a view to future and follow up an ideal that see our individual happiness in it. Federation as a legal person has got a view and window to the future and has put an ideal as their frontispiece.
Our dear country Iran and Asia countries representative and five continents representatives of the world have got a bigger and more transcendental window that includes all people’s view and all spiritual and physical things.
If the desirable look of federation constituents be in the same way for future with federation look and Asian society we will make specified future and happiness and we will stable in all directions.
TO’AI martial arts are one of the most populated sport societies in the world and in Iran, it has got 20 Iranian styles and these styles have got educational activity and competition plans in more than 50 countries. The first world competition has held with champions of 43 countries in Iran/Shiraz in 2012. The martial arts effect on individual character attraction to this art. And indigenous is a suitable background to record this national Iranian art and innovation as a legal shape in official convention such as the Asian Olympic council, sport chords and in long-term view in I.O.C and issue it to eager people.
Our Goals:
-To develop Kung Fu and martial arts as an Iranian national combat in all countries in format of technique and regular physiologic forms, competition and competitive and educable forms to learners.
-To pass legal and academic levels of TO’AI international record.
- To make beliefs of TO’AI martial arts in officials of the word and international martial sport and policy makers as a medalist filed for member federations.
- To hold similar competitions and individual and team competitive youth final in different age levels in countries which got member in TO’AI federation.
- To increase TO’AI martial arts halls in the global society.


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