Legendary birds called Simorgh have been cited by Scientifics, mystics, writers in the Iranian mythical, mystic and spiritual literature. From another aspect Simorgh means thirty birds.
Myth starts from this point that one day, all birds from around the world had flight to Qaf peak to visit Simorgh and get to peace and perfection by leading experienced bird which called HodHod. .
That wanted to serve Simorgh and continue their lives to achieve peace and perfection in Simorgh’s immortal estate and being safe from all harm and depletions. .
These birds suffered a lot during flight direction to Qaf peak, lots of them were wounded or killed during passing seven big desert then after that they arrived to Qaf mountain third but because of being dusty and third, they went to fountain to world and pure themselves, and they could undersea among those eager birds just thirty birds could arrival destination healthy. .
Thirty birds which passed these seven desert have because pattern for all birds around the world. .
Logo of TO’AI World federation has chosenSimorgh symbol for TO’AI World martial arts learners and Simorgh and its feathers has got seven colors that show seven parts that include demand, love, wisdom, disdain, monotheism, wonder, poverty and death that learners choose the perfection direction and pass it.
Also TO’AI word has been put in federation logo and invites all learners to achieve power and try to achieve peace and honesty in passing simorgh seven unbounded deserts.


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